Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 314)

September 9, 2016 Circuit Cellar Staff

Across CBAR—0.01 bar ATTO—0.000000000000000001 KRYPTON—Atomic number 36; Kr ZENER—Solid-state diode for regulating power supply voltage TRIANGLE—Area = (b × h)/2 DIRECT—Direct Unidirectional current TRAPEZOID—Area = (b1 + b2) × h/2 COLUMN—Vertical array TERA—10 to the 12th KALMANFILTERING—Linear quadratic estimation [2 … Continue reading

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Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 313)

Across POPULATE—Install, place, solder WORM—Write once, read many NIBBLE—4 bits NORDSIECK—Differential anal...