Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 312)

September 9, 2016 Circuit Cellar Staff

Across RECTIFIER—Diode that converts AC to DC EXA—1000sup6 BD—Baud PORT—Plug, socket EULER—Wrote Institutionum calculi integralis (circa 1770) PLESIOCHRONOUS—Close but not completely in sync PASCAL—Pa DIN—German Industrial Standards PHOTOEMISSION—The generation of electrons when lights hits a material Down VAPORWARE—Products advertised but … Continue reading

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Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 313)

Across POPULATE—Install, place, solder WORM—Write once, read many NIBBLE—4 bits NORDSIECK—Differential anal...

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Issue 314: EQ Answers
Issue 314: EQ Answers

Answer 1—Intersymbol interference is created by nonlinearities in the phase/frequency response of the RF ch...